The infamous cheese rolling competition

This reminds me of soap-box derby races on crack. The guy in fluorescent yellow steals the show. But what about the poor cheese?

3 Responses to “The infamous cheese rolling competition”

  1. 1 Charlie Cheshire

    This is amazing. The Cheese people have a similar event:

    This is an event you just have to see, it’s unbelievable and entry is free,
    dozens and dozens of cheeses rolling down Roquefort hill,
    They’re not in it for the prize money, they’re not doing it because it’s funny,
    they’re simply doing it for the excitement and thrill.

    You can read the rest of the story at;

  2. 2 Maxrock

    Hahaha. That’s one steep hill ! Hats off to the yellow tee guy, he wanted that cheese. You could see it in his eyes.

  3. 3 Baby Oil

    I believe i can win it because i’m going to put baby oil over myself and slip and slide.

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