Forget the wine, it’s time for beer and cheese

A selection of cheeses Taste, a San Diego cheese shop, announced their biannual beer and cheese tasting party will be held next week, April 11 and later on April 29 at O’Briens pub.

Cheese 101 – Beer and Cheese Pairing will feature the following combinations:

  • Ballast Point Yellowtail with Haystack Mountain Sunlight
  • Maredsous 8 with Comte
  • North Coast Pranqster with Mahon Curado
  • Malheur Brut with Ardrahan
  • Chimay Red with St George & Roncal
  • Aventinus with Roaring 40s Blue

The cost is only $35 per class.

5 Responses to “Forget the wine, it’s time for beer and cheese”

  1. 1 Heather

    Goodness. I’m not much of a beer fan, but I’m just learning to appreciate the nuances of some of the most amazing cheeses out there, and were I in the area I’d certainly attend!

  2. 2 John

    Surprising combination, but we might have the next big thing going in Paris here.

  3. 3 anna

    It really depends on the cheese i think. For example most bries go with wine and i prefer beer with my cheddar.

  4. 4 Mary

    Hi – thanks for posting about our beer & cheese classes – they’re by far the most popular classes we offer. It’s kind of ironic considering we share space with a wine bar/retail shop. Beer is definitely the new wine.

    Last weekend we had a special class (not part of our April/October series) that featured San Diego beers and US cheeses. We were oversold and ended up turning folks away at the door – probably could’ve added a second class and filled it too. As a promo when we announced the class, if you signed up the first week, we entered you in a drawing to be a part of our tasting panel to establish the pairing menu for the class. We ended up with 7 beers and 7 cheeses – and it only took 39 bottles + 4 taps and about 22 different cheeses to get there.

    let me know if you want the list of pairings.

  5. 5 Ted

    Hi Mary,
    I’m in San Diego this week. I’ll stop by, say hello, and get some more information.

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