Vintage Cheese Signs in a Paris Flea Market

old food signs at the Marche aux Puce - Port de Vanves

I found these cheese signs while shopping at the Marche aux Puce – Port de Vanves in Paris. They sold for approximately $3 each.

3 Responses to “Vintage Cheese Signs in a Paris Flea Market”

  1. 1 patti Dandrea

    looking to buy international cheese signs for a cheese case

  2. 2 Linda

    You wrote this to torture us! Did you know that I worked in a cheese shop when I was pregnant with Mischa? He smelled cheese every day while developing. It must be why he hates cheese. Every once in a while I come across a cheese that I haven’t tasted in almost 27 years, and I get so excited just seeing a familiar wrapper. Bon Appitite! (sp)

  3. 3 Thomas Perkins

    Hi, I just found this blog entry and found it interesting. There are a lot of things that people in France collect that Americans ignore, but a collection of cheese labels is inexpensive and fun. Did you know that they collect those little “cages” that you take off the top of Champagne bottles before you pop the cork? Check out my website if you get a moment. We take a group of people to Europe antiquing and the Paris flea market is part of the fun. Here,s my url:

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